Top 10 Tele Sales Network bloopers

Whatever you see on TV, is it the only thing you see. Does anything more happens which you don't see, or is that they don't show it. This is what they call it as Editing. Here are few Edited shots which are removed during editing, and we show you that what you see on TV is not the only thing, there are lot many things happening which you never see, but now you will :)
These are Top 10 Tele Sales Network bloopers

A prank call to, one of the largest job providers globally, is one of top 20 most visited sites on Internet. also have call centers where you can call in and get your query resolved.
One of the Indians, Living in US called up the company, to get his issue resolved. Believe me, his issue was great, his language was great and greater was his understanding of English. My rank to this, 5 Star :D.
Enjoy this Audio file.

Best Funny Accidents

Here is a video, that comprises of few of the best accidents ever shot on camera. I am sure once you view this video, you will not be able to stop yourself from laughing. Great collection Hilarious videos in one :)
WARNING :- You might keep on laughing, hours after watching this video.

Sarah Palin Pranked

For all those who do not know who is Sarah Palin, We must tell you that she is the Governor of American state of Alaska. For more about her, Please refer to Wikipedia. She was pranked by a couple of Canadian people, who made her believe that she was talking to the president of France.
This is just a Audio file, as it was done on phone. A Must Must listen to ...

Great Answer by Miss Teen USA 2007

Usually you won't find Beauty with Brains, if you find any, you find it a deadly combo, which all men believe should not be there at all. A women should either be Beautiful or Not Beautiful :D (No Offense for women). Even in Miss World Contests you find those scripted Questions and Answers, but here, in this video, What a great answer, A must watch Video, for all those you are planning to participate in Contest like this :)

A ride to most Expensive House

Today, we bring you a video that will take you to a ride of your lifetime. No, this is no roller coaster ride, instead, we will take you to a ride to one of the most expensive house in the world.
This house is situated in California, USA; made by one of the biggest Hollywood producer.
Check out this great video, as her wife take you along the house and let you know few things in detail