Truth on Global Warming

A very interesting and true video showing what can happen in future if Global Warming doesn't stop or reduce. This is funny, but true as well.

Monkey Seduces Girl Advertisement

Another Great ad from Budlight, where a monkey tries to seduce a girl, How is that possible, It is ;) Watch it to see how even monkeys can propose...

Ultimate Haloween Scary Prank

When you are going for a Halloween party, you are already scared. Somewhere you have that feeling, because of the environment, and people make full use of it. Take a look at this scary prank.

Republic Day : Chodo Kal ki Baatein

Another Song on Republic Day, "Chodo Kal ki batein". Watch it.

Republic Day : Ae mere pyare watan

Republic day is here and here is another video, Ae mere pyaree watan, very Beautiful Song from an old Indian Movie. Watch it once...

Republic Day : Jahan Daal daal pe

On Republic Day, Enjoy this Song, "Jahan Daal daal pe sone ki chidiya karti hai basera, Woh bharat desh hai mera".

Power League Soccer Ad

Soccer fans are so deeply connected to soccer that they see a football in everything and try to do some freestyle with that. What if that was the most wonderful thing and you loose it, here is a video. Check it out...

Animal Planet Sand Art

Sand Art of Animals and that too created for NGC. One of the bes sand art seen here. So realistic Animals created, it seems like they will come alive.

Funny and Painful Gymnastics Bloopers

Gymnastics is one of the finest games where you need absolute attention and great physical strength and techniques. Sometimes they go wrong, sometimes they are funny, but they are painful as well. Have a look.

Worst Fake UFO Videos

These Videos can definitely be said as Fake, Fake UFO videos. These are so fake that they cannot be even said as a good piece of computer Animation ;)

Funny accidents of Stupid people

This video is from Ireland, showing some real funny accidents by some really stupid People. Take a look

A Look at your Vocal Chords

Here is a live view of your Vocal Chords, how they react when you take out different kind of sound. A must see video.

Naughty Bubble Gum Ad

You know when we blow bubbles out of a bubble gum, where does all the air comes in. it is the power of our lungs that goes inside the bubble. The same is shown in here too, but with a little naughty feeling. Take a look...

Chriss Angel Makes Girl Dissappear

This person is a Fantastic Magician. Here is makes a girl disappear, absolutely live in front of camera, no retakes, nothing. Take a look...

Great Table Tennis Shot

This is one of the best Table Tennis shots we ever came across. Great Agility, Great Flexibility and a must watch video.

Play Piano without hands, Naughty Video

We have seen playing piano with Legs, but this time, no hands, no legs, just see how they play piano.

Soccer Comedy

Recently we saw Football Fights, now we will see Some really funny Football comedy on field. I bet you cant stop laughing.

Funny People

A small video collection of funny people tryin to do some stuff, but ending up in another funny video.

Do you know, Which is your car

Next time you start doing anything with a car, make sure it is your car, or it is the car you wanna do stuff with. Check out this very funny Advertisement.

New Freestyle Moves

We have seen many soccer freestyles. but this one is a bit different. Not only this is by a girl, but all the freestyle moves are different and have never been tried. Take a look.


Yes, you might have heard of Super babies, now, you can see it too in this advert. Award winning advertisement for a Mens product, but the concept is very nice, and Action are great too ;) A treat to watch this.

Real toilet paper for Real Men

Wanna see what Real Men use in their toilet, The real toilet paper. Funniest Ad, we have ever came across. Must see...

Human Tetris, Japanese Game Show

A TV show from Japan, where you need to take some funny shapes to get through, and if you are not able to make it, then see what happens...

Man Surprises Wife, Banned Ad

This ad is of Norwegian Airlines where a Man Surprises Wife, but ends up with another surprise. A very funny Banned Ad. Next time you are in a mood to give a surprise, think over it.

This is called Security

This is what we call the latest Security measures. This video is from Uk and the security is so tight that even they try to get through, they cannot.

Train Through Bangkok Market

Have you ever seen a Market around a train, Well, it happens in bangkok, where people have actually occupied those space to put up small shops and train passes these shop with a very close distance.

Inauguration of Burj Dubai

Inauguration of Burj Dubai has to be spectacular, and it was. Watch this amazing video of the unveiling of th world Tallest Sky Scrapper, Burj Dubai. However, on the day of its launch the name was changed to Burj Khalifa.

Football Fights

Football is the most loved game in this world. It is also the cause of most fights, but these fights are not among supporters, but is among the players on field itself. Take a look.

Mike Tyson's Greatest Knockouts

Mike Tyson, one of the greatest Boxers, in the history of Boxing. Here is a video compilation of the greatest knockouts ever by Him.

Car in Suitcase

This Video is from INDIA. A person has created such a car that can fit in a Suitcase. and Believe me, it is just a normal suitcase where are the parts fits in. With all 4 wheels, he has good information to share. He has also designed a Toilet Car.

Domino Earth Destuction

It is said that this world will end in 2012, and same was shown in movie 2012. However, we all might not see this world end, So lets see the Domino world ending.

Ronaldinho & Robinho Field Tricks

Ronaldinho & Robinho, 2 great players, watch as they do some absolutely amazing stuff on field. This are true field tricks, not an advertisement ;)

Skateboarding BullDog

We have already seen a Dog riding Cycle, and now its a BullDog riding a skateboard. It seems like animals are trying to get ahead of humans, Best of luck Doggies ;)
This video is not from Japan, and this dog is not as perfect as the Japanese version, But yes, he is definitely trying to reach that level.

Sand Dream Sand Art

Another video from Dato and Ilana Yahav, where they play with sand, and create some spectacular set of sequences. Another Must watch video.

Create a Coke Bomb

Coke Bomb, How is that possible? Yes, it is, Take a look and see how you cam create a Coke bomb in 2 simple steps...

Robot Cyclist

We have seen a Dog Cyclist, not we got another better video, a Robot Cyclist, riding a cycle with no modifications. This can only happen in Japan.

Tasty Water Prank

When you drink water, you expect it to be clean and Filtered. But when you drink it, you get a peculiar taste, which is good, but why it tastes so? what is the natural Ingredient used? Here is the Answer...

Amazing Dance Talent

This baby is a bang. He got some real good Dance Talent which he shows it on dance show. Amazing to see these never before seen dance Performances.

Dalmation Dog Riding Cycle

Have you ever seen a Dog Roding a cycle. He is not only on the Cycle, but pedaling it too, just like humans. No modification has been done to the cycle, just another normal cycle. Watch this amazing video from Japan.

Instant Taxi Prank

When you Park you car, you get it as you left it. But what happens if it is converted in to a Taxi. Not only this, there are visitors too demanding for your taxi...

15 Worst Soccer Bloopers

We have seen the Best and Amazing of soccer, but this time we got the worst that has happened in Soccer. 15 Worst Soccer Bloopers

Amazing Choreography

Choreography of such a big group and that too from a top shot is not easy. You need perfection in this. Take a look at this advertisement from Egypt.

Funny Stupid People

There are many stupid people in this world, doing some real stupid stuff. And there is a higher class of stupid people who do stuff in front of camera so that people may laugh and see them again and again...

Hotties shooting different shoot

These Hotties show that they are no just beauties but take your happiness away in minutes if you try something over them.

Kid Doing Pool Trick Shots

We have seen good number of Pool trick shots, but this we got a small kid of about 0 years, doing all this. Take a look at this amazing video.

Painting Mona Lisa in MS Paint

Painting in MS paint is not easy, and painting the most beautiful lady, Mona Lisa, is definitely is not the easiest of the job. The artist says that it took about 2hours 30 minutes to complete the image, but the video runtime is just less than 5 minutes. do watch this amazing video.

Gorilla in Cage Prank

When you see animals in Cage that give you a feeling of safety as you can watch them safely. What happens when you are stuck with them in Cage. Take a look.

Crazy eyes

what all can you do with your eyes. Don't try anything insane, it is one of the most fragile part of your body. This guy in this video, just do some amazing fun with his eyes. Check it out...