Funny Dog attatcking himself

Nobody attacks themselves. but here a dog is doing so, and he is very angry too. Take a look at this funny reaction.

Goalkeepers are Crazy

Yes, this is true, Goal keepers are crazy. Take a look at how they save goals, how they kick ball. Fantastic and a a treat to watch

Freaky Liquid Metal

Take a look at this video. Amazing stuff by scientists. What they are doing is make some acts do by a liquid metal. What is this metal, is not known. Must see this video.

Funny Animates GIF's

A compilation of another set of Funny GIF's. Let us know how you liked it?

How to tie a Tie

For all those of you who don't know how to tie a tie and for those who are now frustrated by people who bug them again and again to tie their ties, send this video to them.
We have also seen in past a cool way to tie a tie

Chaging shape with changing sound, Science fun

This is a science fun video, where a person is trying to do some funny thing in here. He is changing the sound levels of a speaker and above it we have some salt, which changes shapes as the sound changes. Amazing shapes, Must see this.

Beauty is the product of Photoshop

Dont believe us what we are saying? Yes, this is true, all the celebs you see in best of the magazines, all images are photoshoped, or so called retouched. If they are not, celebs can never look as celebs. Take a look, how a lady can be converted into a celebrity.

Blind man, Or ???

How many times do we have to tell you that, DO NOT HELP OTHERS. Yes, i am right. Dont believe me, Watch what happened to these people who helped a Blind man.

Amazingly Coordinated Dance

Dancing is not tough, but coordination is and making a whole group of people dance in a perfect manner without any mistakes is just asking for very high level of hard work. Here is a very good and a must see video of this amazing, spectacular dance.

Dont always think Naughty(16+)

This is a bit of an adult video, where we actual read your mind, we show you some image been drawn and you need to tell yourself what is it going to be. Try it out.

Invisible Wall Prank

This is going to be one of the best pranks we have ever came across. An invisible wall in the middle of the walkway. Must see this video.

Treadmill Dancing

Trying to dance and run at the same time and that too on a treadmill. Results can be fatal and funny. Watch out and you will love to watch it over and over again.

Funny Advert on Cigar

This one is a very good advertisement depicting the difference between a mild and hard cigars. A nice Ad to watch.

Women feel safe with Smokers

Now, you would be a bit curious to know why would a women feel safe with a man who smokes? Watch this awesome advertisement and you will come to know why.
Advice: Please do not smoke, Smoking is injurious to health

Flying Sweaters

You are in a departmental store and suddenly a sweater is thrown at you. Strange and out of nowhere where did this sweater came from? Take a look

Russian Doctor Prank

When you visit a doctor and he asks you to lie down for some checking, what he actually means? Find out in this video, what is happening in Russia. Seriously a good prank

Sketch Artist Prank

You must have seen those machines where you get a sketch of yourself done while sitting in a small machine. It is a bit similar, instead of the machine we have a human drwaing it and the output is a bit funny. Take a look.

Fastest Dress Change, Magic

This is true magic, These people change dresses in front of your eyes. without making any changing moves. A must watch video and don't miss the end, its just amazing.

Prosche Advertisement

Wonderful Porsche AD. No words to describe this wonderful car and this wonderful AD.

Forgot My Pants

A person walks to you in just undies and start talking to you in a normal way. But you are hesitant to talk as he has forgotten to wear his pants. Hilarious Prank.

That's My Camera

You get an unclaimed camera, and the first thing you do is that you check on photos in that. and what if these are some real personal images?? take a look. A must see Prank

Raju Shrivastava, Beti ki Vidaai

Once again King of comedy Raju shrivastava, presenting you the another episode, Beti ki vidaai. watch and laugh...

Need Glasses Advertisement

See something falling, but cant figure out what it is ?? You defintaely need galsses before you do something wrong. Must see this video

Young Pervert

You are with a young boy and a sexy girl passes by, You would rather not like to make any comment, but what about the boy? He got innocent face, but got innocent mind as well? Take a look

Gymnastics Bloopers

Gymnastics is not easy. You need to practice a lot, and before you reach the final performance. Here are few of the bloopers or accidents during practice and performances.

The best ringtones on Internet

Here is a compilation of best and top 10 ringtones in internet. make sure your speakers are on and if you like one, go get one for yourself.

Hilarious man Scaring People

A man sitting in the corner of the road, doing some good job of scaring people.

MJ Dance on Padosan Movie Song

Michael Jackson Dance being performed on a track of padosan. Excellent dance as how he mixed MJ's moves in hindi song and beats.

Need a helping Hand

We have warned you many times, not to help strangers. In the same series we are showing you one more incident where helping someone can be a headache and cause troubles for you.

Invisible Rope Prank

2 people trying to pull a rope, and you are not able to see any. Is your eyesight week, or something else. Take a look.

Touch and Go prank

When somebody asks you to do something, you should think number of times before doing so. If you still think, why, here is the answer.

Airplane Bloopers

When airplane commits mistakes, What happens in accidents, but this can be funny at times. Take a look.

Computer Scare prank

Computer Scare prank, which you can apply with ease and is funny too.

Prostitute Prank

Prostitution is Banned in most countries, and so is in India. we got a video where a person is caught with a prostitute. Is it for real ? Take a look.

HISSss Movie Trailer

HISSss Starring Mallika Sherawat, Irfan Khan in leads. The First view at what the movie will look like. Take a look at this horrifying trailer.

Walk on water (Liquid Mountaineering)

Some People in this world are trying to walk on water, But is really possible. Few of them who are trying to have gained a bit of success in this. Take a look at this amazing video

Cool Dnace on streets of New York

People just showing their talent on street of New York. Take a look at these dancers.

Did I Do that, Prank

Mistakes are bound to happen when everything is in place for you to commit a mistake. And when you do one, you feel like, Did i Do That??

Another Japanese Prank

Japanese pranks are always different from rest of the world. They are more scary, more hilarious and sometimes more naughty. Here is a video compilation of few more Japanese Pranks.

Fastest Shoe Lace Tying

This is a good and fast way of tying your shoe lace. If you get perfection in this, this can actually save lot of time of yours. Take a look.

Arm Wrestling Prank

When you are into Arm wrestling, and you are about to loose, what cheats can you play?
Think about it and see this video, the best cheat ever used.

Jumping Javed

Remember that match between India and Pakistan where Javed Miandad and Kiran More got into verbal action. The result was Jumping Javed...
Here is the video of that historic event.

Confused Helpdesk Prank

Helpdesk is there to help you and other customers. What happens the people on helpdesk are themselves confused ? How can they help you? Take a look...

Comedy Circus, Shakeel Act

Shakeel is one of the finest performers in comedy arena. Take a look at his performance when he was in Comedy Circus. You can't control your laughter.

Americans are NOT Stupid

Yes, this is true. Americans are NOT Stupid. However, they do stupid talks, stupid actions, but they are still not Stupid...
Watch this video and you will believe it. Make sure your speakers are on, If not, Subtitles are there for you to read.

Please take this as good Humor, No intentions to hurt anyone

Domino Day 2008, World record

Here is a crazy video of people who created a new world record of Dominos. Watch this amazing video and see what all crazy things they did.

Wake up, Prank

You got scared when you wake up, these people do. The first thing they after they wake up is the get scared. ;)

Akshay Kumar Unbuttoning Jeans Button

Remember Akshay Kumar Unbuttoning Jeans button at a Fashion show. Here is the video for it. Just in case you want to see this again :)

Weird ping pong match

Few days back we got you a Weired Table Tennis Match, Now we got you another very weird match where the two players change positions while playing. Amazing, a must see video...

Most weird Decision in Cricket

This got to be the most weird Decision of OUT, in the history of Cricket. Kevin Peterson getting out in a very weird manner. Got to see this one.

Cat attaks Bulldog

Bulldog is said to be one of the strongest of all dog breeds. Here a cat attacks this bulldog, and he is still quite. take a look

Mexican Mondays

Watch how Mexican Mondays can be. Hilarious Ad. A must must watch.

Female Football Freestyle

Watch this gal doing some great freestyle football stunts. She can even beat the best of the boys in here. Do watch it.

Naughty Teenagers with Teacher Ad

Very good and funny AD, where teenagers go for outing with a teacher, and see what happens. Naughty AD...

Mechanic Drinks Oil

A mechanic is reapiring your car, and by mistake he exchanges his drink with motor oil, What happens next, watch this prank.

Nike Freestyle AD

Great freestyle ad by Nike, starring the top players, showing some real cool stunts.

The Blond Talk

4 Blonds talking. Need to say anything else? Alright, they talk of Male of Female COW... Listen and Enjoy...

Tit for tat

Somebody does something wrong to you, get ready to give the reply. Tit for Tat. Watch this funny video....

Best 5 pranks that Backfired

Trying to play a prank, Beware, it can backfire and you can be the victim. Take a look at what happened to these people.

What Muscle Relaxant can do to you

See what a Muscle relaxant can do to you. You actually loose control over your muscles... Very funny ad.

Man to Woman, Magic

We have seen a Movie where a man goes to bed and comes out as a women next day he wakes up. In this magic, same happens, but within a flick of a second. you cannot catch even when and what happened. Watch this amazing Video.

Naughty Bull Ride

This has got to be the best Rodeo Ride on a Bull. I can bet the lady had the best time of her life on this machine. Watch this naughty Video.

Funny Sports Bloopers

Another good collection of People crashing into things, trying stoopid stuff and what else? creating funny videos for all :)

Hilariious Thai Beer Ad

These ads come from Thailand. A compilation of 3 ads, where they celebrate every moment in a great manner. A must watch video

Real Stupid Bloopers

Presenting you the best of the bloopers by really funny people. this cannot happen to you if you use your brain.

Biggest Rugby Hits

Collection of Biggest rugby hits. A must watch...

Is there life on Mars ??

Spooky photos shows that there may be life on mars. Watch this video for more.

Weird Table Tennis Match

This one needs to be seen. What kind of Table Tennis these players are playing, Very good skills and a treat to watch...

Soccer Bloopers

Football is the most commonly played game in the world. We most fights during the matches, and we are expected to have maximum bloopers as well. Here are few of them.

A paint can change your life

Yes, this is true, An Idea can change your life, but a paint can change your life as well. How, watch this advertisement and you will realize how.

Worst thing to happen at Pool Table

Having a bad day, Watch this video and you will know what bad luck is. A really bad bad day at the pool table.

Christiano Ronaldo Football Skils

Christiano Ronaldo, when on field scares most opposition players. Here is a small compilation of his best football skills ever performed on field.