People running into things bloopers

Really Funny Bloopers of people running into something or the other. Sometimes they are doing it intentionally, sometimes they just get into it :).

Amazing Hand shadow show

Raymond Crowe shows his artistic work of hand. Different creatures, in fact a complete small story in this movie, shown by hands. Very Beautiful Watch it.

Kawasaki Ninja Funny Advertisement

Here is another good ad from Kawasaki, made for Germany. Just watch it, no words to describe it. :)

Funny Shampoo Ad

Here is a good funny shampoo ad, which shows what is possible if your shampoo is just too good, or makes your hair so smooth that something might happen which was not ought to.

The Real Robo Dance

Here is a great performance, which will take your breath away. This is called the REAL ROBO dance...

Award winning Heinz Ad

This Ad deserves to have the best AD award. Amazing Ad, amazing product. A must watch video.

Very rare fight

Here is a shot of a very rare fight of shaolin kung fu vs. Korean tae kwon do. Both players are trying their talent, and who wins? see this amazing video.

Naughty Dog

Here is a smart Naughty Dog, disturbing people taking Sun Bath. Look at this dog as to how he disturbs people. Very Funny Video.

Truth about Indian Cricketers

This something which everybody will not like. Truth about Indian cricketers is what is shown here in the advertisement. Watch it and let us know your reaction towards it.

Very Cool 3D Medical Animation

Here is a cool 3D animation of our body, as to how are body works and many areas of our body have been shown till the nuclear part. Take a look at this informing video.

Condom Rocket Gone Wrong

We have seen how we create a Coke Bomb, but now we will see how to create a Condom Rocket, out of the same experiment. Take a look.

Dangereous Road Skating in Dubai

This is a very dangerous stunts being performed in Dubai, On road, with a moving car at High speed. You can find this only in Dubai.

Planes you have never seen before

here are few planes you have never ever seen, these planes are for real or not, not known, but yes, few of them might be for real, other simply great piece of Photoshop.

Flirt with me Prank

Dont ever believe what you cannot see, and specially in case of women. Here is another hilarious prank where a girl tries to seduce a person, but it is the opposite instead.

When Baby is Born in Japan

You would like to capture all moments when a baby is born, from the first day to its first walk, to its first words. See this video from the Kids view. Hilarious Video

Spray Artist

This Person is Amazing, Creates stunning images by just using Spray Paints. A bit long video, But worth seeing it, Watch it till the end to see the Result. Awesome video.

Virgin Atlantic uppar class AD

This is got to be one of the best AD from the Airlines industry. An Ad from Virgin shows what all can happen with a Person sitting next to you.

Funny Animal Sex

This video is Damm Funny. Its not any PORN video, Just a small compilation of images of animals having sex in Funny Manner.

Eagle Throws goat off a Cliff

Here is a video of a Giant eagle who throws a goal from a cliff top to the bottom. And then enjoys the fresh flesh.

Another great landing

Another great landing, against the wind. You can actually hear sounds of people shouting and screaming as the plane pass by. another dangerous landing as well :)

Laughing babies

What can be more funnier than Laughing Babies, laughing twins and triplets. Laughing for no reason, just laughing and laughing...