Meaning of Clean Toilet

A very good advertisement showing you the meaning of a clean toilet

Remove Clothes in less than 10 Seconds

Yes, this is true, A person can remove all his clothes in less than 10 seconds and can go completely naked. Watch how he does this.

XBOX Ad in India

Funny XBOX ad featuring Cricketer Yuvraj Singh and Bollywood Stud Akshay Kumar.

Hot Car Video

Another Hot Ad from Hot car maker, Mercedes. Watch it and you will love it. :)

The guy with a Tail

This is a miracle, We are said to be evolved out of apes, and here is the proof of it. A man with a tail. A TV reporter shows. Watch it to believe it.

Great Stunts in Pulsar Ad

These are a must watch stunts, but definitely not to be tried. very nice stunts to see and matches the Bike as well, PULSAR...