Funny Spiderman remake

Funny Spiderman remake with another superhero. the flaws which everybody could see in the movie, are taken care of here. Watch this funny short movie :)

Worlds most amazing basketball shot

This is definitely the worlds most amazing basketball Shot. From one end to another... Look at the players celebrating... Truly boys ;)

Medical Bed Prank

Helping others is not so easy, infact, if something may go wrong, then you are the one who will be caught. Same happened here as well. Just to funny...

Man in place of baby Prank

Another good prank where a man is sitting in a baby trolley, scaring many people, and making laugh them all. Take a look...

Artistic Pool Trick shots

Here are more new artistic pool Trick shots. Take a look at these amazing tricks.

Handicapped Dancing, Very Inspiring

Both the performers are handicapped. Just watch the brilliant effort and performance. Please leave comments.

When things go Wrong

When things go wrong for bikers, what happens are accidents. These bikers are trying to do some stunts, but unfortunately goes wrong. Please Do not try these Yourself

Strangest Goal ever

This is one of the strangest goal, so strange that a person who scored the goal was not aware that he has scored a goal. Goal scored by Adam Czerkas against Wisla Plock (Polish League). Odra won 1:0.

Funny Owned Moments

Funny Moments from around the world. A must to watch

Floor Cleaning Dog

This dog is the best dog, helping his owner in cleaning the floor, and instead acting as the Floor mop. If you have a dog, try to make your dog do like this...

Compilation of Funny Cat Acts

Another good video containing Funny Cat Activities. It is impossible for us to understand that why cats acts this way sometimes...

Cop Gets Wet Prank

next time anyone asks you to help them, Think twice before helping them. Who knows that they might land you in trouble. Same happened here too. Watch this funny Prank.

Teeth Out of mouth, Very short Video

This one is hilarious. A very short video, but still very very funny. This is what might happen when you are over excited... Watch it to laugh and laugh and laugh ....

Kellogs Nutri Gram Funny Advertisement

Watch this funny Office commercial from Kellogs. A good Video to watch ...

Broken Door Prank

When you open a door, you usually pull it or push and go to the other side. But here people are a bit surprised when they push the door.

Dumb People = Funny Things

We have seen amazing people, but these are Dumb people who are trying to act, but are not able to and thus creating fun of themselves...

Amazing people, Amazing Skills

Have a look at these people. Great and amazing skills and stunts performed here. Please Do Not Try This Yourself.

Mouse in Shoe Prank

You often clean your shoes before wearing them, If you don't, now you will. Watch this amazing funny Prank on people who are busy buying shoes, but find a mouse instead...

Mona Lisa made of Dominos

Wonderful creation of Mona lisa made of dominos. Its takes some good creativity to have a art like this.

Eye Opening MIniral Water Ad

Yes, this is a true eye opener mineral water ad. it gives you the clarity that others might not provide. Take a look.

Blooopers, some hits, some misses

Have you seen it all? do you think you have seen the funniest videos. If you think so then, just watch this video, and you will die laughing ...

More Stunts from Football

Few more great tricks from football. This one is an extension of what we saw earlier. If you lied earlier one, you will love this one.

Arranged Marriage Funny AD

Arranged Marriage Funny AD, no offenses to the Indian style of marriage, but it is damm funny. A good creative ad...

Funny Water Accidents

Water is sometimes dangerous, but playing with water is fun. Here are few of the funniest water accidents. I hope they are not hurt much.

The Old Shoelace Prank

What happens when you see that your shoelaces are untied. You get down to tie them, but not everybody in your way. This is what happened here. Take a look.

Stupid Peoople, Stupid Acts

Again, more laughter of stupid people doing some real stupid acts. Take a look.

Slides Slides Slippery Slides

Slides Slides Slippery Slides. A must watch for all you people, one the most funniest compilation of all bloopers on Slides.

White House made of Cards

A Cardstacker made White house completely out of Cards. He used over 22000 Cards to complete his work of art, and in the end...

Amazing Japanese Sofa

We bet, you must not have seen a SOFA like this before. Japanese are too good in creating such stuff. Just have a look at this amazing SOFA, which can actually take any sofa shape you want.

Pond in Forest Prank

What happens when you are going somewhere are you don't see a pit. specially when it is huge and filled with water. Take a look.

Low Clearance Domino Falldown

Another thing driving us crazy is Domino's and their bog Falls. Just love them when they fall in a sequence forming something. Have a look at these low clearances.

Martial Arts Break dance

Oh, as if Break dance was not enough, these people are combining their Martial Arts skills with Break dance and the output is something like this. Take a look.

Funny water compilation

Playing with water can be fun, sometimes its not water, but its you who make it funny. Sometimes it attracts you, sometimes you are attracted towards it.

B Boy Break Dancing

We are going crazy over break dancing. It just defies all the laws of physics. Amazing dance and amazing people performing these. Just Awesome.

Few Outrageous Funny Commercials

Here are few of the most outrageous funny advertisements. Something you will love to see again and again.

Funny Kids to stupid stuff

kids can be naughty, kids can be pain in head, but usually kids are funny. Here are few shots where kids do some real stupid stuff.

Are these women Drunk ?

Females can be sooo funny, that men couldn't imagine of it. If you dont, then watch this video. And all you women out there, make sure you do nor perform these acts, others wise results may be hazardous.

Amazingly Choreographed Fight Scene

How can people choreograph whole fight scene which has so fast actions, where you have no chances or error. Any mistake can have deadly results. A must see video.

10 Worst Commercials

Presenting you the worst 10 commercials, of all times. these are basically not ads, but Infomercials, aimed to provide information, but happened to be too bad to be absorbed. view it and Rate yourself.

Robinho Freestyle Video

Clips of Robinho doing keepie uppies and tricks in non-match situations like in nike ads and while training. A treat to watch this...

Japanese Taxi Prank

When you hire a taxi you expect a smooth and fast ride. Fast is fine, in case you are in a hurry, but happens when the driver is a F1 racer? do you expect a smooth ride. Well, this video is your answer.

TV Bloopers

More TV Bloopers are here to make you laugh. A must see all of them.

Pool Trick Shots

This is how to do some cool trick shots on a snooker table. Just Do It !!!

Goal Equalled in 30 seconds

By the time you do a goal, you must ready to face the attack from the other team. This team on field was so busy in celebrating, that they didn't even came to know when the goal happened.

Most weird things sold on Ebay

What do people buy and sell on Ebay? Here is a list of few most weird stuff that has been traded on ebay, and look at the prices paid for these products and services.
Have a look.

Ocean Sand Fantasy

Another great artistic piece of work with sand. this one is called Ocean Sand Fantasy.
A must see video.

Driver Dog Prank

We have seen driver less cars, driver driving a car, but what if a driver is not a human, instead a DOG !!! Check it out

Top 10 Own Goals

The most common thing is that the opposition player shooting a goal. but this time, we got a videos where the players have send the ball in their own goals, self goal. Check these 10 goals.

PAA Movie Trailer in HD

PAA movie trailer starring Amitabh, Abhishek, Paresh Rawal, Vidya balan in leads. This movie is said to be a copy of Hollywood hit "Curious case of Benjamin Button". Have a look at this promo

MOre gags to laugh on

Well the below video shows you 2 pieces of gags, both truly comic. Well, imagine you are doing some window shopping and an old pal comes, and you are not able to recognize them...

Top 10 sports practice moments

Sports practice moments are usually unseen, and we do not get the insights of players and teams. Presenting you the unseen sports practice moments

Funny Man Bloopers

Funny Man Bloopers

Funny Acts by Dogs

Dogs are the best pets to have, not only for security but they are good source of fun as well. Don't believe us, take a look yourself.

Top 10 Most Heated Interviews

When Sports persons just let them go, and loose control over themselves, that too during an interview this is what happens. Take a look

The Domino Sonimod

We got a domino Sonimod again. Good to see the domino fall down.

Sleep Running Dog

You must have seen sleepwalking People, sleepwalking Dogs, but this time, a dog is actually Sleep Running, must be running behind the best bone ever in his dreams.

Top 5 animal Moments in Sports

Animals can be really funny, and here they are actually disturbing the current match going on. Have a look.

Billy Wingrove's Absolute soccer Freestyle

Absolute Soccer Freestyle by Billy Wingrove. Absolutely amazing. It just feels like if you can do that, How cool would it be. Have a look at these great stunts.

Chinese Guy sings Tujh mein rab dikhta hai

Chinese Guy sings "Tujh mein rab dikhta hai, Yaara main kya karu". Amazing to see a Chinese guy singing a Hindi song so clearly. A must watch video.

Cycle Acrobatics Stunts

Chinese Acrobat team on Cycle doing some astonishing stunts. You just don't believe your eyes that this can be even done on stage. They even get all members, we believe 16, on single cycle. Everything is so well planned and choreographed, that it just a treat for your eyes.

Car Accidents with St. Pitturbergh Russia

This crossing in Russia faces most accidents, one of the famous places like St Pittsburgh have all the accidents in this world. All this captured on security Cameras.

One of the funniest Kid

Gosh, you need to watch this video, absolutely hilarious. You have seen people who are camera conscious, or are not able to speak on camera. But this boy, its hilarious, What is wrong with this boy, if you know it, let us know.

Few best soccer skills

Here we have few of the best soccer skills. You will be amazed to see these soccer skills, on field. Truly everyone have a pair of golden legs.