Durex Condom Ad

Very Funny Condom Ad by Durex. It shows the real use of Condoms by Condoms. Use plastic to Reduce Population :)

Top 10 Goals ever Scored

Here is a Video of top 10 goals ever scored in the world of Soccer. Amazing skills shown by these footballers.

Plane Lands in Water

An airplane crash lands in water very near to beach, and look at the people watching and screaming. This video is also said to be fake. What do you think, is it fake or for real.

Hip Hop Dance

A competition between 2 girls and boys on Hip Hop Dance. What a treat to watch this performance. Absolutely Stunning Dance performances. This is a Must Must see video....

Ping Pong, Bear Pong

Cool Carlsberg Beer ad, showing people doing some good acts with the Ping Pong ball. Take a look.

Recognize this song in Bollywood

Listen to this song from the south america , titled Kaoma Lambda, and tell us which song is in in Bollywood. This is said to be the original song and copied to India by a musician. If you recognize it, let us know which song it is.

Playing Piano with Legs

Playing piano with hands is not easy for all, and playing piano with legs is the most difficult things. we might have seen them in Cartoons, movies, but it is not possible practically. this man made it possible, plays piano with his legs. Watch this amazing video.

Slipping People, Japanese Prank

Japanese are always good in creativity, and there creativity showed in their pranks as well. Take a look at this prank where People are slipping because of slippery floor.

Great Honda Advertisement

Honda, knows for its precession in cars and bike manufacturing, made an ad showing how precise their products are. Take a look at this must watch video.

Fake Google Logos

This video contains some Logos prepared by people who love Google, but were not approved for some or the other reasons. But these logos are worth a look.

Nail in Feet Prank

While using Nailgun, you should be very careful, else results an be very dangerous. Here is a video with the results, or so called fake results ;).

Bike Stunts, Some Hits, Some Misses

Bike Stunts are here to stay for ever. Neither the Bikers nor the bike companies realize that how dangerous these stunts can be. Check them out, its good to see these stunts, being performed by professionals. PLEASE DO NOT TRY AT HOME.

SERt Panda Car banned Ad

This is the best ad one can ever see. This was banned in few countries, and few countries were still showing this ad. Have a look at this ad.

Skeleton Out of ground Prank

While walking in a park, you are most relaxed, but what happens when you see something very unusual. A skeleton out coming out of a ground...

Bike Accidents

For all you bikers out there, who love speed and want to do some insane stunts, just take a look how easily you can loose your life while doing all this. Please love yourself and more than that love them who loves you.

Evolution of Dance

Want to see how dance evolved over the years om just 5 minutes. watch this video and you and I am sure this will be the funniest 5 minutes.

Basic Pool Tricks

Pool tricks are just a pleasure to watch. We know most of us cant play pool properly, Including us as well, but these tricks are worth a watch.

Compilation of Bike Crash and Drifts

Here is a video which tell you that if you try to do some insane Bike stunts, then what can be the results. PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

Monkey sees Mirror

This video is from India, and monkeys are very common in many location. Here a Monkeys sees himself in Mirror, and see how he reacts. Really funny reactions.

Girl in 2 Parts, magic

This is definitely the best magic we have ever came across. 2 Girls pull a girl and Boom Boom Boom, the girl is divided into 2 parts. How? See this video....

Funny Airplane Accident

This one is for sure is an example of top class visual effects. Here in this video a plane lands on the Highway, but with a humor. Have a look.

Different kind of Pole Dance

When we say Pole dance we know a girl dancing around a Pole, and using it in different ways. But here, pole is used in different way, Watch the real talent.

Amazing Nature Events

Nature has always amazed us with its power, its beauty and its biggest gift, we as Humans. Take a look at some of amazing Nature shots, just very rare to see those. Also, none of the images are modifies, as per owner of this video.

Talking Photo booth Prank

You enter a Photo booth, to get a photo of your captured, but instead just listen to the weird commands by the Machine. Infact, it does all the talking. Put your speakers on, and have fun.

Drunk People and Their Funny Acts

When people are drunk, they usually don't know what they are doing, they just wanna do what they feel like doing at that moment.

Complete Orchestra in One person

Now, you do not need an Orchestra any more. This person can replace the whole band. He can make almost any sound from his mouth. Take a look.

Funny Trojan Condom Ad

Trojan's Evolve One / Evolve All campaign, written and directed by Evan Meszaros, is an award winning ad. It is not only funny, but actually inspires you to use a Condom and stay away from unprotected Sex.

What a Slap by Indian Teacher

Usually all students do full masti in classes, But this time a guy gets a slap from the faculty, and see it, what a great slap...

Cool Computer Program

This is one of the best computer program that has came out of human brain and creativity. You think it, computer will perform it. Must see this cool technology Video.

Funniest Ladies Toilet Prank

Ladies don't use use toilets as man do. They use it as Powder room, change room and sometimes the best gossiping center. Here is the best ever Prank.

Amazing Drummer

Wow, what an amazing drummer he is. Absolutely amazing, look at his speed, at his beats you are going to love this one.

Accidental Shooting Prank

We know that to commence a race, we usually fire a round in air, and the same is done in this video as well, but the result is something more than a race. What can be the rsult when you fire a bullet, take a look...

Naked Man on football Field

You usually see People run into field during football match, but this guys run into the match, completely Naked, and the best part being he is able to run away from security guys.