Top 10 Stuff Thrown from Stands

We usually see sports lovers throwing one or the other thing sitting from the stand in the ground, if their supported is not winning, or for some other odd reason as well. Check out the video, you will see top 10 things thrown from stands.

Amazing trick Shot

Billiards and Snooker has always been famous for their Trick shots. But what else can you use on these tables, with the balls ? Checkout this great trick shot, amazingly Choreographed, even a slightest mistake would have resulted in disaster. Have a look.

Dropping Trousers Prank

So many pranksters in this world and so many people to play pranks on. These pranks are never ending. One more naughty prank, This man looses his pants in front of everybody. Watch it to laugh.

Funny Accidents that Hurt

Accidents usually hurt, But these accidents will make you laugh and will make you feel pity on the person too. Just watch them for this kind of mixed reaction.

Head in Toilet Prank

Another prank comes in which can really scare people. As soon as you enter a toilet, a head comes out of the pot, screaming at you. If this would have happened to you, you would never go to Public Toilets again....

Funiest Cats

All right, We know you are all bored up seeing cats, but this is the last time we are posting a Funny Cats video. You must see this, again a funny and some amazing stuff by Cats...

Japanese Mega Prank

We have seen many pranks, but not like the way Japanese do it. I must say, the prank below can take anybodies life away. This can also be the worst time of your life. A must watch Prank Video...

Making of Chiggy Wiggy

This song is already the top in Discos, in car, radio and all other platforms. Watch the making of this song.

Great Choreography on song, Saare Jahan se Accha

Saare Jahan se accha, is one of the most famous patriotic songs in INDIA. A dnace group performed on this song, and have a look at the choreography. You just cannot tell what is missing.

Chiggy Wiggy from BLUE

Song "Chiggy Wiggy" from movie BLUE is already making a news out on every channel. We were able to find a video for you all for this song. Now enjoy this song, anytime you want.

Amazing Landings

Landing a Plane is never easy. When you fly you are not aware of what is going on outside. If you do see how a plane is landed, or what all happens during landing, you might change your plan to fly. Take a look...

David Dhawan, Ritesh and Govinda on 10 ka Dum

10 ka Dum started with the second innings, but most shows are only used to promote upcoming movies, and we get to see all the starry shows every time. This time, we stumbled through a video showing David Dhawan, Ritesh Deshmukh and Govinda promoting for their upcoming Movie, Do Knot Disturb. Lets see a short preview of the show. For all you ladies out there, Check out Salman Khan Taking out his shirt

Very Funny Dogs

Here we are with Dogs again. Dogs are one of the best animals as pets, humans would like to have. Why, the video below tells you the reason.

Blue Movie - Theme Song

Check out the Blue Theme song from the movie BLUE, which is said to be the most expensive movie till made in Bollywood, And it definitely gives the look to be the most expensive movie. Check out this song. You will definitely like to watch this movie...

Cats Cats and Cats

These are just Normal cats, how can they act like these. Well, this is the funny side of cats, after all they want to enjoy their life as well. So we named a day to them, A Catursday ;)

Best Bush Speech

Mr. Bush has always been a center of attraction, wherever he goes, whatever he does he just entertains us. We have already seen Mr Bush Bloopers, His Funny acts and when shoes were thrown at him. As if These were not enough, Look at this funniest speech ever, in Indian Treaty Room. He was kind of SPEECHLESS

Naughty Kid, Funny Ad

Kids are Funny, but can be naughty as well. they don't know what they are doing. Meet the Naughtiest Kid ever, A very Funny Ad Commercial. But the Ad is meant to give you different Lesson...

Few Sports Practice Bloopers

Practice makes a man perfect, but what happens when he is not perfect, or when he is practicing to gain perfection? Then we get to see loads of fun and funny incidents. Here is a compilation of the same, Enjoy !!

Rugby's Biggest Hits

Rugby, a game where players need to run, keeping himself safe from other team hits and misses. You wont find bigger and better hits in any other game. Check out for the biggest hits of all time...

Animal Fun

Animal Fun is actually never ending. What they might do when and where, You might not know. They are similar to kids, you might know what the hell is happening inside the brain....
Enjoy this hilarious Video.

Jai Ho, Sung by Spanish in Hindi

"Jai Ho" the Oscar award winner song, Oscar winning movie and the Oscar winning Music Director, is a Big Big Hit across the world. This song is such a great hit that it has been sung in many different languages. But for the first time, the Spanish people have tried to sing in Hindi, the original language. Listen to this. Every indian should be proud to hear this one...
Thanks to A.R. Rehman

Mr. Bush, You are too Funny

The harder we try not to show any videos of Mr. Bush, The more videos we get of him, and his S*******y. We are sorry, but we get this, again and again. this time as well we got a great video. Please do watch it and speakers volume UP...

Rajnikanth the Impossible, Funny AD

We all know the famous Rajnikanth, the Super duper hero, with super duper powers. Here is an Advertisement, a great one, which truely says, Rajnikanth is Impossible to beat.
A must watch for everyone...

Very Funny Cats

Cats are so funny, we have seen them before as well, But this time, it much more hilarious collection. Do watch it...

Shoe thrown at Bush

How can we forget the day when shoe was thrown at Mr Bush. Some people salute the media personality for taking out the courage to do this act....
Watch this again and again :)

Funny Moments in BasketBall

Basketball, More famously known as NBA in America. We bring you a great video compilation of few of the most funniest moments in NBA History. I am sure, you are going to love these...

Funny Scared People

You like to watch people reaction when they are scared, or when you scare them. Its really satisfactory to watch their funny reaction.

Slippery Slides

One of the best compilation of funny Slides. Infact when the cameras are rolling, the slides become more slippery ;), and that's when you get the best shots...
Enjoy the Video !!!

Extreme Bike Stunts

Look at these stunts, these people are changing the definition of stunts for us.
All you people out there, PLEASE PLEASE, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. These people are highly trained, and thus any of these acts should not be copied.

Bestest Funny Accidents

This video contains the bestest of the funny accidents. When you see this video, you will surely say Oh My God !!!

Funnier Cats

After those funny Cats, we got another video which shows Funnier cats than other. I can never ever imagine how funny can these CATS be...
Watch yourself and ENJOY !!!

Prank at Graveyard

A man told to keep an eye on graveyard, and it is given a special Woo Foo thing to wear on, but still he sees a BITCH...
Really scary and hilarious prank, A must watch...

Next Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan, one of the Finest NBA player. It is hard to find a person that have these kinda skills. Not only that, it is very difficult to achieve that level of skills he had, But we were able to find a kid who has the capability to be the next Michael Jordan. Watch this video ...

The Great HORN Prank

Pranks when played on others always make you laugh. Real people actually laugh on themselves when they get pranked. This prank is a real great one, where a sound may actually horrify anyone. Watch this video and have fun ...

More Funny Dogs

Another great compilation of Funny Dogs. After all that they have learned is from Humans and specially MEN ;)

Water Bed Prank

Another prank at a store, of water bed. People are trying the new water bed, but what are they getting in reality, Watch it out...

Reasons We Laugh at Mr. BUSH

Mr. George W Bush, The world cannot forget him, as a President, as a Comedian and as an Entertainer. There are more than few incidents why we laugh at BUSH, here are a few of them ....

TeleMarketers Bloopers

Like TV shows, Telemarketers also give Multiple shots to get a perfect shot, that lures all you customers to buy products which are of usually No use...
Presenting you a Video of funny Telemarketers when their shot goes wrong.

Stupid Animals

Its not only humans who do stupidity stuff, animals too do the same, and when they do it, Mind it, It gets Really Funny...
Watch it to believe it

Top 10 Bizzare Races

Around the world, there are few famous races, few infamous races and other are BIZZARE races. Believe it or not, you will never ever would like to do this if you love yourself. Do watch these Bizzare Races.

Scary Pranks

Pranks are pranks, but can they be scary too ?? Yes, they can be, not only for the person facing it, but also for the person doing it.

Top 5 Funny Goals

Usually Goals are great, you would like to watch them again and again. But have you seen FUNNY goals? Well, We haven't seen any, so today we got you a video showing top 5 funny goals.

Funny Dogs

We have seen the Funny side of cats and other animals. Human's best friend is said to be a DOG. yes, how we forget them, and they can be really funny sometimes. Check out this video...

Peep from a Hole Prank

All of the human race have a curiosity to know what is hidden. When there is something going on, on the other side, and there is a hole through which you can see through, you will definitely try to peep into it. But not after seeing this video. Next you peep into anything, from any hole, BEWARE...

Funny Animal Compilations

Its not only humans who go bizarre, but its animals as well who makes us laugh. Here is a compilation of few of the most funny moments. Watch and Enjoy !!!

Funny Accidents with Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders are becoming an important part every game, Whenever you feel like bored of the game, Just watch those beautiful Cheerleaders dancing around. But do these jumps and dance always go correct, NO. Here are some funny accidents.

Funny Cats

Cats as pets, Yes, many people like it, and they feel more than anything else toward them. Here are few funny snapshots of these Funny Cats...

Best of Sports Bloopers

This video will surely leave you laughing and laughing and laughing, and nothing else...
Just watch this

Bloopers from Daily life

Alright, after the heavy BAD Sportsmanship video, here we are again to get a great day ahead with bloopers from our daily life. Whenever we are on a holiday, we do try adventure sports, and nobody for sure is perfect in that, Now see you are not alone to face these accidents, many more people does it, and in a much funny and embarrassing manner ;)

Top 10 Bad Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship cannot be learned it has to be gained and showed on the field, or your playing ground. Few best know people don't show good sportsmanship, and get into problems. Here is a video of Top 10 bad sportsmanship.

Basketball Top 10 Alley Oops

NBA is one the famous sports in USA. People love them because of whatever happens on field. We have already posted many post about the same, do check them out, and do check this video too for great Alley Oops...