Why CD Drive is disabled in Many Companies

Want to know why CD drive is disabled in Many Companies? Is it disabled in your company as well ? Do you know why ? Find out, watch this video...

Valet Parking Prank

Are you the one who is comfortable giving your car for valet Parking ? Do you think your car is in safe hands ? Well think twice, watch this video and you will realize why

Art of Coffee

Have you seen some amazing arts on coffee, are they done with machines? Well, might be, but few are not. Here we got some that shows how it can be done through hand as well..

Shanghai Circus Highlights

Amazing stunts being performed in this shanghai circus. Watch these outstanding stunts...

Aaj Tak news reader Mistake

This was a mistake by Aaj tak reader, and it was telecasted on TV. Check it out...

Bike and Train Fatal Accident

All you bikers out there, please drive your bike slowly, or else this might be the result of being in a hurry.
So dont be in a hurry, drive slowly, drive carefully.

Fake ATM Scare Prank

You see that someone has left some money in the ATM machine itself while taking out money. You grab ahead to take that money, and then what happens ?? See and laugh

A Lion in a Van prank

A van from zoo asks you for help, and you are holding the gate of the van, so that no animal gets out. And suddenly the Lion roars...

Sand Art, Emotions

Another of the Sand art series, Emotions. Another stunning and amazing performance...

Dangereous Nun Prank

Nuns are supposed to be very safe to be with. Here we got a nun who is instead of helping you, is actually doing some annoying stuff...

Wonderful car on Road

This is a must watch ad, a wonderful car on road, and.....
Watch it till the end to see it closely. 18+ Ad

Funny UFO Crashing Prank

Very funny prank, of a UFO crashing. People are not only stunned, but scared too. watch this very funny prank...

Twins Bathroom Mirror Prank

You go to a washroom and usually you see a mirror. Here too you are made to thought it is a mirror, but its not, but how come a girl is able to see herself in mirror ? Find out...

How to magically Tie a Knot

How can you tie a knot without leaving the rope from your hand ?? Here is the simple trick or so called MAGIC...

Funny conveyor Belt Prank

There is more output than a person can handle, so the person is not able to pick things up from the conveyor belt. The result, Loss of products and funny Reaction of people.

Hilarious Faces by different People

People making some hilarious faces, just for the sake of camera. Can you make better faces than these people

Aids Awareness Russian AD

This is a fantastic graffiti creativity showing AIDS Awareness and use of Condoms. 18+ ad, but very good creativity. Must see.

Korean Dance, Hallucination

Fantastic dance by a Korean gal. The dance was named as Hallucination and it truly hallucinating. Must watch this amazing Dance Performance

More Funny sports bloopers

We have seen many sports bloopers, this is onw more addition to the series, very funny collection.

Zoom in Cleavage Prank

Time and again we tell you, not to help others, if you still believe you should and there is nothing wrong in taking a picture of a beautiful couple, even if they ask you to do so, I must tell that you are wrong. watch this and you will believe me.

How they met

Very interesting and funny Advertisement, of a couple that come date each other, but with a twist.

Long Funny Mechanism

We dont know what to call this, but you must have seen this in Cartoons where to do a simple task a series of funny and unusual tasks are done and that are interconnected. Here we have seen the same in real. A must watch video.

Amazing Soccer sequence from Shaolin Soccer

Shaolin Soccer was an amazing picture in itself, but here we have got you one of the best sequence from the movie.

Strip Poker

These young guys are actually playing poker and stripping at the same time, but wait, watch till the end and se the turn, very funny...

Dog barking in sleep

Here is another funny dog who is dreaming and barking in sleep. We have also seen in past a Dog running in dream

Farting Porta Potty Prank

You are standing outside a public toilet and the person inside is actually doing it, with all the sound you can ever imagine....
A very dirty and funny prank.

Nike Football Freestyle AD

Another ad from NIKE, showing some awesome never seen before football Freestyle stunts. Get ready for the upcoming world cup guys. Enjoy this video.

Poor kid , he will never give flower to a girl anymore

Why, see this video and you will get the answer. This video is from Japan, and no prank, a real video...

The Best Striptease, Short movie

This is no adult video, just a small movie on youtube. The best ever striptease ever seen, NO ITS NOT AN ADULT VIDEO, just watch it till the end, and you will realize why I said so...

Amazing and Insane Flips

Have a look at these Amazing and insane flips by few people. Simple amazing...

Who says women cant park

Who says women cant park, just watch this video and you will say, the way women park, men cant even try to think of doing this. Nice advertisement

Couple kissing against your car

You want to open your car, but you can't because a couple is deeply kissing each other against your car, and are not ready to move. what will happen, see in this video

Amazing Guitar Player

This person is playing guitar with his legs. Don't believe me? Believe it....
Amazing artist.

Amazing Escape Sequence

A Dozen of people arrives to kick one ass, but none is able to do so. Watch this amazingly choreographed action scene from a Hollywood flick

Man from Hell Arrives

A man from hell, yes this is very true, an man from hell arrives and is scaring people all over, Watch this video to believe this.

Water in zero gravity

How does water reacts in space, or infact in zero gravity? Here is the video showing you the same. Take a look at this amazing science experiment.