Funny Dance

Just watch this Funny Dance Video. No words to describe it. Just one question, if you can answer this after seeing this video. What do they have in their mouth, Looks great, isnt it :)

NBA 10 Bloopers

NBA, Basketball is one of the most famous games in US. We know, its famous because you get to see agility, moves and its interesting till the last moment. But never to forget, most men join in to see the wonderful cheer leaders. But few come in to see the comedy happening around, Dont believe me, Watch this video and you will....

Katrina Kaif Performing at IPL2 Closong Ceremony

Bollywood Beauty Katrina Kaif, Performed at IPL 2, 2009 closing ceremony. She was one of the lucky ones to get a chance to dance with Akon. Shilpa shetty too was in line, but Katrina grabed the chance. Look at the video of her dance on song "Jai Ho" by AR Rehman.

Sermon Blooper SuccSex

Many a times our tongue slips and we usually try to correct it. Here, in this video a person addressing a group of people, happens to speak few words again and again, is it a slip of tongue or something else ;) . Make sure your speakers are ON.

Model Falling, Anchor Cant stop Laughing

A young model falls on the ramp, in a hilarious style. The anchors of the news television cant stop laughing, and I bet you cant too :)

Few Best TV Bloopers

We got another set of bloopers where we see what happens when things go wrong for TV shows. Obviously this is not shown on TV, they are edited. Here are few of the unedited shots. I am sure, you cant stop laughing...

Woman Parks Car

You go out shopping, how much time does it usually takes when you find an empty car slot with ease, approx 10 seconds ? This lady wants to park her car, but cant get it through , and takes whopping 10 minutes to park a car, and that too incorrectly.
See this Hilarious Video :D

What a Confidence

You rarely see people with great confidence levels. Either they are over confident or less confident. But this person on the sets of Who Wants to be a Millionaire showed great confidence, and just used one lifeline, that too in a different manner and won a million bucks :)

Sports Bloopers

Sometimes it happens that even best of the best sports people are not able to get the best of the sports. This is the time when they do something funny, and all is captured on camera. Here is a video comprising of few of the best sports bloopers. Sit back and enjoy !!!

Great Use of SSD's

All you IT guys and Gals, here is a great video for you showing SSD's can do for you. If you dont know, what are SSD's, refer Wikipedia. You will be surprised to see the performance it gives. It's just simply amazing. A Must must watch video for all. If you are not into IT, you might not be able to understand few concepts and jargons used. Watch this Fanatic Video !!!

Extreme BIcycle Stunts

We all ride bicycles, if not today, we must have done in past, Atleast most of us :) . This video here, Shot in UK, shows a person doing bicycle stunts, on road. Believe me this ignited me to use bicycles again and do the above. Great stunts, and a great video too, Watch it to believe it.