The Rubber Girl

How Flexible is your body ? Can you twist and turn it like rubber ? Can you take your legs above your heads, from behind ? Can you take your legs from your hands and then walk ? NO, you need not to worry about, most of us cant, neither we can perform that, But one lady os able to do so. Watch this video .....

Time Displacement, Real Time

Last we have seen the Time Displacement Video. Many people said that it was a trick, rather than just video editing. For all those we are bringing you the Time Displacement in Real Time. Other, Enjoy !!!

Car Park by Women

We have seen what happens when a women parks car, but this time, we will show you how women parks car. We are pretty sure that people can park much quicker and better even when drunk. Seems like she burned more fuel in parking a car rather than driving on road :D. All you women out there, please do not get hurt, we are talking of a single woman in this video.

Best Accidental Bloopers

Presenting you today is another dose of laughter, the best Accidental Bloopers. A compilation of more than 25 accidents. Some of them are painful, but are much more funnier than painful ;)
Enjoy !!!

NBA Slam Dunk Bloopers

This is one of the best blooper series I have ever came across. Players coming in with full force, and they are confident that they will do a basket, but they misses it out in a funny manner. Seriously Funny, Must see...

Funny Scary Moments

It feels great to scare someone, and it feels greater when you capture the reaction and the world sees it :). Here too we got a great funny video showing how people scare other people and their funny reactions.

Funny and Amazing Moments

After yesterday's great response to the video, we are bringing to you another great set of Funny and amazing moments. Hoping to get another great response :) .

Funny Accidents

Presenting you today is a great compilation of few of the funniest accidents that have taken place. One question will definitely arrive in your mid, after seeing this video. Hows this Possible ? :) Don't ask me, Even I do not have answer to this. Just Enjoy !!!

George W Bush Bloopers

Who can forget George Bush. He was a Great comedian, an entertainer to the whole world. The world has a mixed reaction of his being a good or a bad President. Apart from this there are so many jokes on him, the falling bush, and bush pen stand being the most famous ones. Here are few bloopers of Mr. Bush

Michael Jordan Bloopers

Michael Jordan, the master of NBA, basketball tournaments, Now retired has had a great career. This champion too had done mistakes and misses out sometimes on the ball and basket. For more info on Michael Jordan, visit Wikipedia. Here is a video, comprising of Michael Jordan Bloopers

Funniest ever Prank

We have seen number of pranks, but believe me, This one is the best. I bet you cant stop laughing.
One suggestion, Do not try this with anyone else, results might be hilarious too :)

Overconfident Lady

Earlier we had talked of the man who was so much confidence while playing Who Wants to be a Millionaire, he never used his lifelines, and when he did, he did so in an extraordinary manner.
This time, an overconfident lady, answers greatly, but ALAS ! looses the game...

Teleshops Bloopers

Television Shopping Networks are always a source of irritation for many. Very small and normal daily stuff is sold as if there is no tomorrow. Small issues are hyped so much, as if people are facing huge problems with that, and don't know how to live with it.
Telesales Hosts sometimes get irritated giving the same shot again and again, and when they do not reach the Perfect Shot. Here are few bloopers .....

BasketBall Bloopers

Presenting to you this time is a bigger,better and more hilarious collection of Basketball bloopers.
Watch and enjoy till you die...

Poor Car

Most places on don't get snowfalls, and are not aware of the problems over there. One the biggest problems being, snow on road, and due to very low temperatures, the cars wont start either. Here is a video when an attempt was made to take a car out from the snow. You can simply say, Poor car and have pity on the car owner.

Time Displacement Video

Time displacement is something where one frame moves slower or faster than other creating a great effect. It makes it like your body is made of rubber and can move in any direction...
Watch this video to understand this and enjoy this too.....