Extreme Break Dance

Break Dance which looks cool and trendy. If you are performing in a show, you usually tend to get high scores. Everybody likes Break Dance. have a look at this Extreme Break Dance.

One of the worst Crashes

This is definitely one of the worst crashes in history of drag racing. The worst part being that the driver was not able to detach himself from the car, and was dragged along.

Funny GIF's

A compilation of Funny GIF's found across the Net. I bet you will want to have one as your Avatar.

Lady Drifting competition

Ladies drifting on race tracks. Amazing drifting race.

Funniest ringtone Ever - Advertisement

This one is just the best Ringtone, Not coming from cellphones. Then where it comes from ? Take a look yourself, you will know it... Do not forget to turn your speakers ON....

Another Toilet Prank

Next time you are using a public toilet, use it as you want. but when you are planning to come out, make sure you are in the correct door and correct way. Check out

Microsoft hangs in Meeting

Microsoft Windows is famous for its crashes and hangs like anything. It is said that if bill gates starts paying for each crash, he will go bankrupt. Watch this funny video where Windows hangs During the presentation.

Wanna Learn English

This is One of the funniest commercial of all times. Well, if you want to learn a language, learn it first, then do some actions. Listening to news and music would not make you learn it.
Just power on your speakers and see this video

100 to 1 Japanese Prank

You usually see a single person or a group of 4 - 5 people. but this time we see about 100 people playing prank on a single person. Enjoy this Video.

Baby Break Dance

No Guys, this is no joke, neither this video is technically edited. this is a real video, where about a 2 year old kid is doing a great Break dance. A must watch

Few more Amazing Landings

We never have thought of the landing that took place. But hats off these Pilots who always get it write, Or should we blame the pilots for these kinda of dangerous landings ;)

Animator Vs Animation Part 2

The very famous Animator Vs Animation is now an old thing. I hope you all have seen it by now. Now, the Animator decided to create a second part of it. Here it is...

Marble Machine in Action

Everyone of you might not have seen the Marble machine, but when we saw it, we were amazed to see the way it worked. After so long we found this video. have a look at this, I am sure you will like it.

Never Help a Girl

Helping anybody is not a bad thing, but helping few girls which are in a specific situation can harm you as well. Take a look at this video and rethink if you are going to help a girl in future ?

Magic Tongue

When you buy products at a retail outlet, you usually get the bill done by a Barcode and barcode scanner. What if Barcode scanner is replaced by a human tongue? Infact, all the billing is done by the human tongue, while licking the barcode. You definitely call it a Magic tongue.

Killer Chef Prank

Have you ever seen a chef going Hunting for fresh Meat for its customers. Well this chef goes hunting between people, scaring people.

HP Office Orchestra

This is a HP office orchestra Ad, where sound in produced using different daily items. This video is more to be listened to than to be seen. Turn your speakers on...

Coolest way to Tie a Tie

Many people who wear tie does not know how to tie a Tie. If they do, they do not tie a perfect Tie. Here is a video teaching you a great method of tying a Tie. A great art in tying a tie...

Footbaal skills and goals

Soccer the most loved game in the world has some reasons attached to it. Have a look at the few best skills and goals shown in football.

Extreme Caterpiller Dance

We have seen break dance earlier as well, this time we got the Extreme Caterpillar dance. A must see Bone breaking dance...

Toilet Blooper

Usually, you get clean toilets when you them at public places like your office or at malls. What happens when you are using the toilet and the cleaning team arrives. Here is the reaction of different people.

Almost Dead

How close is close? have a look at this video where a person could have died if he was 1 or 2 centimeters ahead of his position. This happened in a car ralley, where a person jumped over the security barrier, but he had great Luck...

Best Car Ad Ever

Can you be so crazy for your car, that you may plan to Kill your wife...
Well people are, see the ad below and you will understand for what beauty this couple is fighting for...

Dont Pull Tree with your car

Well, if you love your car, and moreover if you love yourself, Do not pull a tree with your car and specially DO not drive your own car. See what can happen...

The Big Domino Falldown

We don't know what Domino Lovers like in Dominos. But even we like watching it. So presenting you a another great video of a BIG domino Fall down.

Eating Ear Wax Prank

We have actually seen people cleaning nose and eating out the product. But this time we got the video where a person is cleaning his ear wax and eating it. Dont worry, Its just a prank.

Boeing 747 Crash Landing

Ever seen a live crash. Here is a great video showing a Boeing 747 Crashed into Water.

UFO Swarm

UFO - Unidentified Flying Objects have always amazed us. We got a video where we saw number of UFO's, so called UFO Swarm in different parts of the world. Simply amazing video, A must see...

More Google Hacks

We have seen earlier as well how to access Google's secret pages. We got few more of them. They might repeat, but catch the new ones shown in this video....

Americas Funniest Bloopers

Have a look at how funny and stupid can Americans be. Just take a look at these Americas Funniest Bloopers

Naughtiest Boys

Boys will be boys, but these boys are just too much. Definitely one of the naughtiest and Smartest boys. This Advertisement was banned later.

Sand Art Lets get together

We have seen Sand art earlier as well. This time we another video, 2 year old, but still a great pleasure to watch. Here it is.

You must get your Eyes checked

This is one of the most hilarious ad of all time. this is definitely a Must watch video. If you have a eye sight problem, get a check straight away.

Levis Banned Commercial

Here is a advertisement which was banned. This ad was famously known as Blind or not?
Have a look...

Unbelievable Hockey Fight

Fights do happen in sports, but not this way. Just take a look at the fight. Truly Amazing...

Mega Car Wash Advertisement

Have you ever tried a Mega Car Wash that can actually wipe off all the dirt and bad things on your car. Watch this video and you will see, what it will be...

Windy Dangereous Landings

When you are sitting in a plane, you might not know what happens outside and how a plane lands and takes off. Here is a video of Dangerous landings where the landing is affected by Air current.

Help Me Paint Prank

You will usually help a kid if he asks for it, when he is painting walls or doors. Now, after seeing this video, you will actually think twice before helping them...

Amazing Landings and Takeoff's

the landings and takeoff in this video are just amazing. They are shot so closely that it feels that the plane is going to collide with you. Just amazing...

Monkey Doing Kung Fu

Ever seen a monkey doing some action? Well, this monkey does it all...
check it out

3D Pyramid Made of Flippos

Have you ever seen a 3D pyramid made of flippos. Well, this was first time for us as well. Never seen the flippos in action for a Pyramid. Take a look.

Man Disturbing People On Road

People do disturb other people on road, but this time, the reactions are a bit too funny. You might get angry when these kind of pranks are played at you, but you might get scared as well. Have a look...

Funny Events from Daily LIfe

I our daily lives we get to see many bloopers, but few of them are captured on camera and very few are actually hilarious. here is a compilation of the most funny bloopers from daily life...

Fantastic Pool Tricks

Pool tricks have always amazed us. We have tried it ourselves but failed several times. This time we were so much amazed that we didn't even tried it, because they were just worth seeing. Watch it, to see the Magic happen on this pool table...

Good Funny Pranks

Mixed Funny Pranks, people playing pranks on their loved ones and believe me, it is damm funny...

Funny Topless Car Wash Prank

would you like to have a Car wash with Girls ? Well, there is great element of surprise in this video, watch it...

Just Imagine Sand Art

Another great art by Ilana yahav. The sand art named as Just Imagine. A must watch video for all...

Funny Photoshop effect

How a Handsome looking man is converted into a ugly looking Fat man. Watch this video and you will know all this they achieve in Photoshop.

Bindu Re Bindu Animation Song

Remember the Song Bindu Re Bindu Remix, that was aired with a Animated Video. Both the Remix version of song and video were very famous as it was one of the first animated song. Here is the Video of it. You can now watch it when you want...

Hidden Google Tricks

Google is no doubt the world leader in Search Engine. Google has a humorous side as well. We got a video where we saw that there are number of tricks that can be used to access few of the hidden areas of Google. Do watch this video to know more about your Favorite Search engine.

Amazing Human Beatbox

Look at this amazing person who can produce all kind of sounds from his mouth. Infact you can hire him and save money on Orchestra. Listen to his Amazing Abilities.

Chris Angel Shadow Magic

Chris Angel, a Magician who performs for people on people. He is not a Normal magician, infact he plays with peoples shadow and make them feel. Dont believe Me, watch this and you will...

Minesweeper Hidden Mode

For all you Minesweeper Lovers, here comes a trick which will make you more perfect in this game. If think that you have played the most difficult level, try this simple hack, you will get a more challenging and difficult level. We too have tried this and this is much more difficult than ever.

Stupid People, Stupid Stuff

What happens when Stupid people try to do stupid stuff. Yes, Few of the most hilarious moments. Here they are captured on Camera.

Naughtiest Dog Ever

Look at this dog and see what is he doing. You would never want any dog to do like this, to you or your family member. One of the Naughtiest Dog Ever...

Sand Fantasy

Going to Beach and Playing with sand is a usual thing. We also get to see people creating great Sand sculptors. This time, we saw a different use of Sand. Here is a video showing what is called as the Sand Fantasy. A must watch...

Golfing and Shooting Prank

Most of us like golfing, but the truth is that many of us dont know how to play. What if the Golfing ground is shared with Shooting range? Here is what happens when both are playing simultaneously.

Shilpa Shetty's Yoga Music Vidoe

Shilpa Shetty launched her Yoga Video. However, we were not able to find the whole video, but here is a small trailer of her Yoga Video. Have a look at this Perfect figured Beauty.

Cheap Airlines Humor

Airline war has hit India as well. We see prices slashed down, and the Value airlines or so called Budget airlines have stepped in. Do you know how they make profits then ??
Here is a small video, showing what may happen if you travel in a Low cost airline.

Compilation of Funny Videos

Presenting you a Compilation of very funny videos. I bet You cant stop Laughing...
A must watch Video.

Coolest Break Dance

This Coolest Break dance we have ever come across. One of the best and Bone breaking dance. Try to copy any steps, and tell us if you were able to copy it, without breaking your bones ;)

A Policeman's Prank

Police get hold of you, when you do something wrong, or breaks the law. What if cops do worng to you, and try to make a case forcefully on you. See this video on how people were pranked by Fake policeman.

Male Belly Dancer

You might have seen mane Female Belly Dancers, specially from the Arab nations. Now its time to see a Man shaking his belly. This no joke guys, This person is shaking his belly like a pro. Well, all you males out there, if you are trying to learn Belly dancing, here is a good inspiration for you.

Funny Squirell Prank

What happens when you are relaxing in Park, and suddenly an animal comes in between your legs. Sounds scary isn't it. Well it is scary and funny too, because you then realize it was just a Dummy animal and you were pranked...

Devil from Hell Arrives Prank

We all know where is hell, Deep down under earth, where we assume fire all over. What if the Devil from hell comes to pick you up? Strange. Yes it is. Watch this great Japanese Prank, and you will see what happens to people. Not only this, you will also see what happens when people speak in a Mic, you will watch out for the same in future...

Amazing Football stunts by a Girl

We have seen many football stunts by men, and some of them are crazy too. Here is a video showing you a freestyle football bya girl. You will be amazed to see what all stunts she does...

Funny Scary Computer Prank

Hve you faced the prank, where you see a normal small story going on ans suddenly a Ghost join the party...
Watch this, we have gone through this, and results are hilarious. Same has happened in this video too. Just too funny...

Top 5 Bizarre Goals

Soccer, the most loved game in the world, the most famous game in the world too. Have a look at few of the most bizarre Goals of all times.

Amazing Acts

This video is a great compilation of most of the things that are new to you. These are not only new but they are amazing as well. Make sure you watch, You will love it....

Alien Prank Goes Bad

A couple of friends were trying to play alien pranks on his friend. This frustrated friend responds in such a way that they will actually remember it for life. A prank Responded by a Bigger Better Prank. DO watch it..

Exclusive 1st Look : ISHQIYA

Ishiqya, Starring Arshad Warsi, Nassuradin Shah and Vidya balan. Lyrics by Gulzar and Music by Vishal Bharadwaj. As earlier movies by Vishal bhardwaj, this again has a plot from U.P. and shows the Corruption and political control over the system. The movie is set to release in December 2009. Here is a the First Preview of this movie. Enjoy the Characters.

Top 10 Boxing Knockouts Ever

Boxing, a game where the players don't know the score till the end of the match. All Depends on how many punches you are able to throw. Here is a video showing top 10 Knockouts in Boxing. Look and you will be amazed, who know you might require them one day.

Amazing Physics Experiment

Physics can be so much amazing. All the experiments you perform, can sometimes yield in some stunning results. Here is an amazing Physics experiment where magnet attracts initially, but adding a liquid makes it to repel. Watch it to believe it.